Principal's Welcome

Thompson Families,

My name is Robert Hinchliffe and it is my true pleasure to introduce myself as the principal of Tyrone Thompson Elementary School! I am beyond excited to work with you and look forward to accomplishing many amazing outcomes as we educate the students who will enroll at our school. I say “our” school because that is exactly what it will be – ours! Our educational team will collaborate with all families and work together to do what is best for students. Together, the goal of this school will be to become the model of what a public school can and should be. Our school will be a place where students and families are welcomed and valued for their contributions to the environment that we will create.

Having lived in the southwest part of the valley for many years, and having previously worked as the assistant principal at Wright Elementary School, I am excited to get back to this area and begin our new journey together. My wife, Kristi, teaches first grade at Bonner Elementary School. I have five daughters, one who will be a freshman at Spring Valley High School (Audrey), two of which attend Faiss Middle School (Kinsey, and Kaitlyn) and identical twins (Claire and Harper) who are excited to join Thompson this upcoming year as fifth graders.

I have served as the principal of Helen Marie Smith Elementary School, located near Rainbow and Charleston Boulevard previously, and this will be my 15th year in administration. As you will quickly learn from our time collaborating together, my leadership style is one of service to the community marked by working with students, parents, and staff members to find the best outcomes in all situations. I wholeheartedly believe that open communication, ongoing conversations, and working together to see all perspectives lead to the best solutions. My vision for our school encompasses an innovative staff that will be at the forefront of educational research. This will ensure that students are prepared thoroughly with life skills and academic knowledge prior to entering middle school.

I want to sincerely thank you in advance for your support and dedication in the upcoming months and years as we build this school together. There will be times of struggle as we launch a new campus, but together we will create the best elementary school in Clark County. This is my goal, and I give you my word that I will do all I can to make it a reality.



Robert Hinchliffe, Principal


Shawna Quenneville - Assistant Principal.png
Robert Hinchliffe - Principal.png

Meet Our Amazing Staff


Raquel Mallett - Kinder.png
Cindy Revuelto - Kinder.png
Kori Philip - Kinder.png
Georgina Martinez - Kinder.png
Jackie Schneider - Kinder.png

1st Grade

Jessica Carpenter - First Grade.png
Mayleen Call - First Grade.png
Tiffany Leonard - First Grade.png
Kelly Smeal - First Grade.png
Crystalene Pineda - First Grade.png

2nd Grade

Andrea Roach - Second Grade.png
Amy Anderson - Second Grade.png
Stephanie Rosenthal - Second Grade.png
Melissa Martin - Second Grade.png

3rd Grade

Reka Moldovan - Third Grade.png
Misty Burgess - Third Grade.png
Megan McNeil - Third Grade.png
Kayla White - Third Grade.png
Dakota Shaw - Third Grade.png

4th Grade

Taylor Martin - Fourth Grade.png
Amy Nadig - Fourth Grade.png
Amber Empey - Fourth Grade.png
Ally Miller - Fourth Grade.png

5th Grade

Stefanie Strimboulis - Fifth Grade.png
Michelle Stanley - Fifth Grade.png
Breanna Thompson - Fifth Grade.png

Special Education

Kim Avinger - Intermediate Autism.png
Liane Garcia - Intermediate SLD.png
Jennifer Stott - Early Childhood.png
Hollie Anderson - Primary Autism.png
Dannielle Carrion - Primary Resource.png
Stefanie Witman - Intermediate Resource.png
Amber Stoner - STAR.png
Mindy James - Speech Therapist.png
Laura Tinnel - Speech.png


Madison McConnell - STEM.png
Tonya Dalton - Counselor.png
Megan Jaeger - SOSA.png
Laura Wilkinson - Gate.png
Laura Malecki - Art.png
Bianca Tower - PE.png
Ali Jun - Music Teacher.png
Angelica Brown - RBG3.png
Rachel Rittenhouse - Librarian.png

Support Staff

Marcus Dennis - Custodian.png
Raymund So - SBT.png
David Bowen - SOSA.png
Cailin Henne - Library Aide.png
Kallie Ferguson - PE Aide.png
Jazminn Parker - SPTA Kids Program.png
Rachel Humboldt - SPTA Kids Program.png
Natalie Gordon -SPTA.png

Office Staff

Tnisha Mason - Clerk.png
Kellie Dennis - Office Manager.png
Ellen McEvoy - Nurse.png
Gina Antill - FASA.png
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