Student Absence Form

Complete and submit student absence information.

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Online Registration

Register your child for the school year. New and returning students

Typical Peer Application Form

Complete and submit typical peer application form.

Clark County School District

View the Clark County School District homepage.

CCSD Calendars

View school district calendars. 

Food Packing
Food Service

Find information about school district free/reduced price meal programs, pricing, and payment. 

Outdoor Snack
Breakfast & Lunch Menus

View school district breakfast and lunch menus


Become a CCSD volunteer. 

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Find resources to support Family and Community Engagement. 

Parked School Buses

Find information about school district transportation and bus routing. 

Parent Links 

Donors Choose

Support Thompson teachers today

Voluntary Student Medical Insurance Information

As a service to parents and their children, information about a variety of affordable programs is being made available through each child's school, and parents are encouraged to obtain such insurance for them.

The Harbor

Juvenile Assessment Center

Class Dojo

Connect to Class Dojo for school and classroom updates.

Infinite Campus

Check student assignments and grades. 

School Nurse

Rowshi Giordano

Steffany Schwartz


Sign up for before/after school care.


Anonymously report threats to the safety or well being of students. 

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Parent Resources

Assembly Bill 195

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